Sums up just what all those winging/whining/lying remainers are.  It also shows just what this Country will get if that Jeremy Corbyn of the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST labour Party and his henchmen plus all those power mad pontificating  bullies got in.

In the name of God how could anyone who is Loyal to this Country GB who Loves this Country how can they support a party as Corbyn’s or should I say McDonnell’s because he is the Real POWER.  TWO LEADERS AND A PARTY OF THUGS THAT NOT ONLY ADMIRE BUT SUPPORT TERRORIST GROUPS SUCH AS;


There are plenty more he has spent his career supporting those that could do harm to GB and its people.  Terrorist groups that have BUTCHERED BRITISH SOLDIERS HERE AND ABROAD, Terrorists that BLOW US THE PEOPLE UP.  Terrorist Groups attempt to Assassinate a British Prime Minister.

How proud these labour supporter bullies must be.  They are NOTHING MORE THAN TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY.  They take from this Country in every way including their Civil service Pensions.  Do they give back.  NO they run this Country down at every opportunity, they DO NOT CARE for this Country, they accuse others of destroying it, take a close look you support ANTI-SEMITIC JEW HATERS in a political party you support TERRORIST supporters/admirers.  You are one thing  TRAITOR.

People like that are not needed in this Country and they should clear off to what they love Europe, they defend it so much, they deny all the crimes talking place or the rapes taking place. They put their blindfolds on and refuse to see then they lecture others when they tell the truth.  Get out of this Country we would be better off without those people here.

Great Britain is now facing the biggest danger since the end of World War II, slightly different though for we have far too many enemies within.  I never in my lifetime thought I would see my Country in this state, see Europe being torn apart but its happened its still happening.  This Country is being divided, this Country is being torn apart and those that believe Comrade Corbyn or his sidekick the real power McDonnell have the answers THEY DO NOT.  They will finish this Country it will be totally unrecognisable.

The Lefties/Liberals are hell bent on destroying the World, the damage they have done will not be repaired in my lifetime.

“Remain” one asks remain in what a group of EU alcoholics who have stolen far too much of British Taxpayers money already.   Easy for some of those who have left GB have decided to live in Europe or America or wherever then criticise this Country, their opinions have not been asked for or wanted, so SHUT UP.



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