Today November 30, 2018 sees the end of November, the end of the Month of Remembrance. Yet it should not be the end of Remembering all those that have given their Lives for their Country, all those Sacrifices over all the years, the loved ones left behind can never forget their Sons, Daughters/Husbands/Wives/Brothers or Sisters for them they will always Remember.  We should too when there is a moment in the day that we could spare one minute just to Remember we would not be here had it not been for all their Sacrifices.

Today here in England, its cold but its so sunny its strange as one looks out the sun so bright it could be a Summers day but yet the Trees are bare the ground covered in assorted glorious colours of leaves.  I look to the figure of a First World War Soldier standing there with his head bowed, Remembering all those pals all those colleagues that did NOT return home.  The Soldier stands there and reminds me of the debt I can never repay.

Yet as I look at that Soldier head bowed in Remembrance, on my mantelpiece I think of this Country’s future  and the stench there is now in this Country.  Corruption has always been around but perhaps its more noticeable now.  The Country divided the Country BETRAYED and Sold OUT by not just the establishment but by the very TOP and those that believe their future is Europe. Europe where every single day a Rape takes place, where murders/muggings/ the most awful violence and these Traitors who call themselves British want to force this on the decent people of this Country those that Love and are Loyal to their Country.  Never, Never, Never.

Perhaps I am old fashioned talking about the past, but the past matters – not just this Country but all Countries spilt blood from Generations, but right now my concern  is Great Britain and the terribly sad and desperate state She is in.  We have been INVADED, I have said illegal immigrants in the past but a very nice man said to me “no Anna they are INVADERS” how right He is. Every single day there is something more that happens that is so obviously a “set up”, the entire media are so Left wing they are such liars. The Prime Minister has Betrayed this Country, there is to be a Debate about BREXIT and the so called EU DEAL, between  Theresa May the British Prime Minister and Comrade/Heir Corbyn leader of Labour the Anti-SEMITIC racist party, but they are at the present time arguing because they have a massive decision to make and it follows;

The Debate clashes with what they both want.

1  The Prime Minister wants this Debate to be held on ITV

2  Comrade Corbyn wants it to be held on BBC

both are so annoyed because;

3  The PM says it would clash with the final of “Strictly Come Dancing

4  Comrade Corbyn and I quote said “I do not want it clashing with I’m a celebrity get me out of the jungle”

I have never seen these programmes nor have any desire to do so. These two May and Corbyn are the two leaders of the Country’s two main parties.  They have proved what a pair of complete idiots they are.

The majority of the people of Great Britain voted to LEAVE the EU but those winging/whining/trouble making remainers have done nothing but cause immense trouble in this Country, then Theresa May had no bollocks and bottled it in front of a bunch of ALCOHOLICS EU Members.

Will I watch this debate  between these two liars, no of course not.


As November ends and Remembrance, how long will it be before our Armed Forces are asked again to defend a Country and I wonder what they will do, I think I know.  The way that the Armed Forces are being treated is an utter disgrace and embarrassment to this Country.  Hounding former Soldiers who served in Northern Ireland charging them with murder of Terrorist IRA scum, by the way the friends of Corbyn and McDonnell of Labour that must be said.   How dare the Government do this to Former Soldiers that were doing their duty, fighting to protect their Country from the IRA, seeing mates blown to pieces in front of their eyes and then this Government  along with support of course from that Terrorist lover Corbyn and henchmen, they all then charge these ex Soldiers with murder.

This is the THANKS those in the establishment and Above show to those Brave Men and Women who Sacrificed their lives for us all.

Sooner rather than later Blood will be spilt once more, this time very close to my Heart.  Europe has made an utter shit hole of their Countries, they have caused all this trouble, and will call upon others, us, to clean their shit up for them, isn’t that always the way.









L   E   S   T      W   E      F   O   R   G   E   T

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