Telling the Truth

is it acceptable?

these days it seems not

what a sad state of affairs


The times we live in

full of stress and strife

the World upside down

we are not blind or stupid

we see the truth


But tell the Truth

be very careful

not these days

objections, why?


Why are we scared, wary

every day another shock

ssh “keep quiet”

don’t speak the Truth


There are those that pontificate

and think they know it all

they are biased they refuse see reality

they enjoy reporting others

seems reminiscent of times gone by


Don’t mention this don’t mention that

what can we say, the Truth?  NO not that

we must put up with it all

children/girls/women don’t mention  them

don’t mention the Rapes

whats the lesson we are expected to learn


Put up and

shut up

don’t mention the Truth

How long more do we keep pretending


Time is coming close

when the Truth will be OUT

when the people make a stand






  1. Orwell has it right in 1984. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

    From enotes: In other words, the Party controls how people interpret truth and reality. So, for Winston, being able to say that two plus two equals four is significant because it represents true freedom and the ability to say whatever one wants to say without fear of violence.


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