Now it begins

welcome to December

and all that rushing around

panic and stress

thats December


Christmas Cards written

not even bought yet

order the Donkey and Dogs Charity cards

sit down one afternoon

and get them all done


House to be cleaned top to toe

Christmas food ordered

Turkey of Beef

Chateaubriand they say

don’t forget the whole Ham


Headaches already arrived

Christmas decorations go up

the 1st/2nd or when I can

Christmas Trees shopping


I need a G&T

just thinking about it all

Christmas starts December 24th

and ends here January 2nd

big sigh of relief is expressed


Welcome to December

and all the fuss

welcome to a Happy Season

shared with those you Love






George Michael – such a sad loss went too early.   DECEMBER SONG


4 thoughts on “NOW IT BEGINS – DECEMBER

    1. Its difficult for my grown Sons and myself, December 15, 1994 my Husband died and was Cremated December 23, December 19 our youngest Son was 11 years of age when his Daddy died. December 27, 1975 we were Married. We also until well after David died were stuck with my mother & sister, I am still stuck with my treacherous sister, thank God its a large house but the Boys never had the Childhood or Christmas I always wanted them to have. So we do make the best of it, despite the words of that poem. Hope I haven’t bored you too much Mark, all the best.

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      1. Not at all. I appreciate you telling me this so I have a perspective. Anna, who wouldn’t feel that way about Christmas. I did like the poem very much. For many, it is not such a joyous time. Peace, despite the treacherous sister. Mark

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