Come on Comrade Corbyn you have a big enough mouth when you want to, but right now NOTHING emerging from that big mouth of yours.  Osamor member of Comrade Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet – the Labour Bench – has resigned from the Shadow Cabinet, but not RESIGNED from the party, which she should have done immediately.

Right Corbyn, come on whats the excuse from you from and her for THREATENING TO SMASH A BAT IN THE FACE OF A JOURNALIST, lovely this is “THE KINDER GENTLER POLITICS” that Comrade Corbyn promised.  Kinder/Gentler right looks like it so as a Labour MP its fine to threaten to smash another person up.

But, it gets better this woman’s Son is a Convicted Drug Dealer he was charged of recent and got OFF WITH IT what else, Mummy did her thing and got him off.  Yet there are people in this Country being persecuted, there are young Girls White and Pakistani who are being Gang Raped by muslim paedophile rape gangs all the time and whats done about it all SOD ALL.  What has Corbyn got to say never mind this bloody bitch, SOD ALL.  In fact there is a woman, more shame on her, Labour MP who has said Quote that all those White and Pakistani Girls who are raped all the time that they “SHOULD SHUT THEIR MOUTHS”, maybe one day that disgusting, despicable Labour female MP will be raped will she then KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT??

To the trouble maker who accuses me of being a Liar and worse on here, face the Families and tell them the families of all those White and Pakistani girls gang raped all the time by muslim paedophile rape gangs that THEIR DAUGHTERS ARE LYING, IT WOULDN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO SO.   There are always fools who refuse to see the TRUTH of whats happening to the Children of this Country or the TRUTH of whats happening to this once Great Country of OURS.  We have been Sold out to “them”.

Come on Comrade Corbyn explain about big mouth Osamor and why she has not been sacked from the Party, the ANTI-SEMITIC racist party.  Whilst you are at it Corbyn explain why:

1  Corbyn’s Son Tommy Corbyn gave an invitation to

2  Carl Walmsley  a member of the infamous BNP the British Nationalist Party – the party of thugs and scum, violence is what they like.

3  Corbyn’s Son Tommy filming a Political Broadcast featuring Carl Walmsley and his BNP views

Now such hypocrites are the Labour lot, my God they have enough to say and spread about one Tommy Robinson who was former EDL but THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS CARL WALMSLEY AND TOMMY CORBYN AND THE BNP.

Anyone votes this DANGEROUS EVIL Comrade Corbyn and McDonnell in with all those nazi henchmen around him, you will answer to what happens in this Country.  The Secret Services are extremely worried about this lot getting in, isn’t that enough.


There is another opinionated hypocrite who is keeping its MOUTH SHUT TIGHTLY. Dear oh dear embarrassed are we?  Can dish it out but can’t take it can you!!





One and Only Freddie  –  Queen “Liar”

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