Maggie woke rubbed our eyes and then realised where she was, “oh no” she said to herself “this isn’t a dream I did come back with him last night” she said in her mind as she looked to the man who laid naked next to her in the large bed.  She quickly looked to his eyes, he was still asleep, what have I done she thought, how could I be so stupid so careless, as she looked to the chair near the window  where her clothes laid draped, her black bra and panties laid on the floor alongside her shoes.  There on the chair were his clothes “oh my God Maggie you have done some stupid things since you came to live here but this, a total stranger, how could I” she said.

Maggie slowly lifted the sheet and she stared at him there he was fully naked she could see why she had been attracted to him when they first saw each other, but to come here she thought as she carefully lowered the sheet onto his body, he stirred Maggie froze for a few seconds, but he continued to sleep.  Maggie decided she would quickly dress leave him a note and just go.  She quietly left the bed trying her very best not to wake him, she tiptoed across the floor until she reached her clothes.  She picked up her bra and panties and was just about to put them on, when she saw what looked like a note on the table where they had obviously sat when they came back here and had some wine, two wine glasses rested on the table with what looked like an empty bottle of wine.

When Maggie reached the table she picked up the note curious as to what it said, it read “Maggie, just in case you are up before me, help yourself to coffee or what you want, and thanks for a great evening I really mean that, most of all thanks for coming back and I hope you will stay, I would love to see you here in the morning, with luck –  Alec.”  Maggie smiled to herself and looked across to Alec.  She looked around this rather nice and tidy flat, picking up a picture frame she thought to herself “no not a wife oh no” then there were more frames with pictures and the same woman and a man, there Alec standing between the Man and Woman with his arm around their shoulders, “his Mother and Father, he looks like his mother” she muttered to herself.  She tiptoed back to the bed and slid under the sheet next to him.

With her fingertips she gently felt his forehead and down his cheeks to his chin and his chest his strong shoulders, he laid there with his left arm resting on the pillow behind his head, his right arm under the sheet laid across his abdomen.  Maggie lifted the sheet slowly he made a stir but his eyes still remained closed,  Maggie lifted the sheet back so slowly all the way down to their feet, as she stared at his body she remembered now why she must have wanted to come back with him, yet she had never done anything like this before.  In fact the last time she was in bed with a man was Guy back home, they were to become engaged but Guy became to domineering, asking her where she was all the time when not working, she had to get away from him in fact she had to get away from the entire Town.  That’s why she ended up here, new job new home new life, a new start she so needed.

Maggie with her fingertips felt his strong body his legs the muscles his strength and his manhood “do I touch him” she asked herself, then remembered how they made love last night several times she recalled, she felt his balls  and he stirred “do you still approve Maggie”, she froze quickly looked at him “I ugh I mean” she couldn’t get the words out, “its alright I have rather enjoyed it all” he said “what, you were asleep you were weren’t you” she pleaded, “no I kept my eyes closed but I wasn’t asleep I was enjoying it” he said with his broad smile.

Maggie quickly grabbed the sheet and pulled it up to herself, Alec took the sheet from her hands “there’s no need to do that, you’re too beautiful to cover yourself” he told her.  “Oh please, don’t say that, please don’t do it when its not meant” answered Maggie.  Alec turned her head he cupped her chin and kissed her, “its meant why else would you be here, why would we have made love last night”.  “Because we had too much to drink” she said, “we had drinks sure but I knew what I was doing what I wanted to do and so did you” he told her, as he laid her back down on the bed, stroked her hair and laid kisses on her lips whilst his hands held her breasts slowly squeezing them then his tongue playing with her nipples whilst she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Its one of the best ways to wake up you know” said Alec, Maggie blushed “I love the way you blush and I love the way we made love, lets make love right now” asked Alec as he lowered himself over her  arranging her legs “give me your hand” he asked, Maggie did not even have to think she gave her hand willingly “here do you want to” he asked of her “yes” she whispered as Alec took her index finger and placed it inside her “see how good you feel” he said as he kissed her, “you want me I want you” he said she let her finger slip and felt for him, she so wanted him “here hold it see ” he said as he slipped inside her, Maggie closed her eyes “no darling open them look at me, look at me as we make love” Alec whispered in her ear, she moaned “am I hurting you you” he asked “yes, no don’t stop please don’t stop” she pleaded.  It was good oh how it was good, she felt these explosions  like last night this excitement this, this she couldn’t find the words but she knew how good it felt and that she didn’t want it to end, she wanted more and more of him.

After they made love they laid together Alec held her tight no words need to be said, he lowered his head and held her breast one after the other, playing with her nipples his tongue, the sensation made her want to, oh no she told herself then suddenly she was kissing his body as he stroked her hair. They stayed close to each other not aware of the time.  All she knew was she didn’t want to leave him, but would he want her to stay. Suddenly Alec kissed her lips “you don’t have to go today or tomorrow or any day, stay here with me, I can’t lose you now I have found you, will you stay” he pleaded, Maggie sat up in the bed “Alec, you have to be sure, I know I am but please don’t use me end it now , I want you and I want to stay just be sure” she cried “hey don’t cry” her said wiping the tears from her eyes, “I want you, I want you now today, tomorrow and on and on, enjoy what we have I’ve fallen in love with you already, impossible for you to believe that” he asked “no I am in love with you, I knew that this morning” said Maggie.  “When you walked into that room last night I only saw you, wherever you went whoever you talked to I wanted you to be with me, talking to me, you are all I saw” Alec told her as he  took  her hands “come on lets shower and go out, have some breakfast, the day is ours, whatever you want to do” he said.

He watched her shower then suddenly she opened the shower door and held out her hands he entered the shower and she loved it when the water ran down her body and he kissed her wet body, catching the water dripping from her breasts softly he applied the shower gel over her, gently making circular movements all around her body when he slowly rubbed the inside of her thighs “oh Alec” she cried she had never made love in the shower before, she had never shared a shower with any man before, this was something else and she ached for him.  After they had showered and dressed and out to find some breakfast which they did and they sat and enjoyed the food and coffee and talked how they talked, the coffee kept coming and they kept talking, “Maggie we have to stay together now, showering will never be the same without you” he grinned Maggie blushed “people may have heard” she answered “I don’t care I love you they can all hear, now tell me,  where would you like to go, its your day just say where” Alec enquired of her “really you won’t mind” asked Maggie “no wherever you want to go lets go, just say” Alec gripped her hand, “well I haven’t been for years could we go to Kew Gardens, I always loved it there, my Father would take me those weekends I would spend with him” she suddenly seemed sad “its okay of course we can go, I can see it means so much to you” Alec told her and added “do you mind if I ask if your parents were divorced”, Maggie lowered her head and quietly answered “yes when I was 6 years they got Divorced, I stayed with my Mother because Daddy travelled a lot for his business, oil that was the business” said Maggie “I see, do you still see your Father” enquired Alec “no not anymore Daddy died in Germany whilst on business, two years ago” she started to cry and Alec held her “I’m sorry darling, I can see how painful it still is for you but I’m here now, I’ll take care of you” and he kissed her and held her tight, she felt safe and secure as she always did when she was with her Father.  “Are you still at home with your Mother” Alec asked “no I left home this year, Mother well we don’t get along that well, she never liked me seeing my Father as much as I did, she married again he’s alright her Husband he’s been good to me he works for the Foreign Office” Maggie told Alec “I see so you branched out on your own, do you see you’re stepfather very often” said Alec, “yes we have lunch once a week since I moved out, shall we go Alec make the most of the day” Maggie stood took his hands “come on lets have fun” she said.

They headed for the nearest tube station and onto the District Line, the platform was rather full plenty of families with their excited children, a nice sunny day Maggie wondered where they were all headed  and she remembered how she stood here on one of these platforms and the train that went all the way to Richmond, but they would change at Kew Gardens, how excited she would be, a whole day just with  her Daddy he would teach her about all the Trees and plants and the Hot Houses the fun they would have.  Now Maggie stood holding hands with Alec it seemed as though she had known him for years not just “was it yesterday” she said out loud “what was yesterday darling” Alec asked, “yesterday just yesterday we met it seems longer” said Maggie,  Alec squeezed her hand “its now, tomorrow and onward” he said. The train arrived and people scrambled to get on, Alec guided Maggie into the carriage as usual at this time they had to stand, they stood by the smaller door and Alec held her tight when the train started to move, they were oblivious to anyone there “off to Kew Gardens” Maggie smiled, “and us and fun” Alec kissed Maggie on the lips, people looked some frowned others smiled. Then carried on as people always do on London’s underground they read the adverts on the walls, read their papers or closed their eyes, don’t look at each other and certainly don’t talk.

When the train pulled into Kew Gardens, they held each others hands as they walked out of the station and through the small area of shops and cafe’s in Kew and the long road until they crossed over to Kew, Maggie was delighted to be back all those memories of days with her Father, as she and Alec walked around finding themselves in one of her favourite places the Rhododendron dell, she would sit here with her Father and watch the large Red Balloon her Father would buy her flying high and they would unpack the sandwiches her Father had bought for their picnic and drink the orange juice. She suddenly stopped “thank you for bringing me Alec” she said “its my pleasure all I’ll ever want is to please you Maggie” as he put his arm around her “Alec ask me what I would like right now go on”, “a large Red balloon” Alec laughed, “no you and me making love right now” she said “Maggie its not impossible you know” he said as they disappeared into the thickness of the Rhododendrons.





I hope the renowned “Naked Gardener” enjoys the little story above!


The wonderful smooth voice of Matt Monro – Sinatra always had Matt with him when he toured here. Sadly we lost Matt far too soon. Beautiful song from a great 1960s Classic “The Italian Job” Michael Caine and Sir Noel Coward amongst others.









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