It’s taken less time than some thought but those of us who took one look at “it” knew what was likely to happen and it has.  History repeating itself.  Two Brothers split apart for life and why, simply a Woman from “across the pond”.  The Country at that time in turmoil –  rather like now. A King in waiting, to put it bluntly he dumped the job he was born to and expected to carry out, that of being King of this Land.  The older Brother dumped the job on his younger Brother who did not want it and his wife who would one day be known affectionately as the Queen Mother blamed “that woman from across the pond” for the early death of not only her Husband, the Father of her Daughters but King of this Land. The Queen Mother rightly, never forgave that “woman”.   That woman the  infamous, Mrs Wallis Simpson, Divorced – now does that not all ring that bell again.

Now we have two Brothers as close as two peas in a pod, drawn close because of the tragic premature Death of their Mother in a “car accident” in Paris, we all remember that moment the news was flashed around the World “Diana, Princess of Wales has Died in Paris”.  Two young Boys as close as Brothers should be but not always are, these two were.  The older of the two Prince William married a beautiful young Lady and Lady indeed she is, Katherine who has born her Husband Two Sons and a Daughter.  No one can ever say that Katherine is not the perfect Lady, not only beautiful, clever but elegant/charming and a credit to this Country.  Now I am not what people refer to as a Royalist but if we have to have them then Katherine would make the perfect Queen after Queen Elizabeth II and indeed it should be The Duke of Cambridge, William who succeeds his Grandmother, the Country needs a Young King with his fine Lady, Katherine by his side.

Then we have the second Son Prince Harry known as “one of the boys”. Cut a long story short he met an American, now there are so many beautiful/educated/well mannered American Girls he could have chosen, NO, he went for something else.  Its obvious pressure was applied to a certain Head of State for a marriage to take place.  This woman similar to the infamous Mrs Wallis Simpson, married/divorced/married/divorced, first it was three times but the media soon hushed up the third.  It has changed its Religion as much as it changes its makeup, stable??  So many of us knew that this quick marriage was for one reason.  It is not popular, despite the media ramming it down the throats of those only too willing to suck it up, that it is.

Its a well known fact, if you are in the spotlight, which this craves from the moment it wakes till it drops off, they the press are on your back. I would have thought the young Husband would have told “Peg” that, after all his Mother?  Well “it” has upset people, NOT SURPRISED.

The relationship between the two once “peas in a pod” Brothers is no more, they barely talk. The Friends of the younger Brother are no more he has cut them all off. The Fine Lady has been blamed, rubbish she is too much of a Lady.  The woman from “across the pond with the strange so called family” has offended/abused everyone within the HOUSE. She orders her staff, those that wait on her, to rise at 5 am as she is up early and “wants her makeup done”. As though it always had staff waiting on her?  She has fired most of the staff that attend them.  She demanded from the young Husband-to-be that he give her the EMERALD TIARA to wear on her Wedding Day, the Queen said DEFINITELY NO.  Then she demanded that Fabreze air fresheners be sprayed around St. George’s Chapel, Windsor for the Wedding as the Chapel smelt.  Ignorance, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that, that smell is in every Church or Chapel its INCENSE,  the Queen said a definite NO.  She demanded her mother give her away, the elder Brother said that was not possible that is not protocol, arguments no doubt, so the Father of the soon to be Husband stepped in and gave “peg” away.  She was recorded during that carriage drive, around the Castle surrounded by SECURITY that we the British Taxpayers had to fork out for, she was recorded by those watching many foreigners especially Americans, she  was heard swearing about the people and the fact she had to sit there and not be back with the lalaland (especially that sickening coffee advert man!) friends drinking.  ALL RECORDED.  She upset little Princess Charlotte, the elder Brother’s little Daughter, who was one of the Bridesmaids she made this Child cry and of course Princess Charlotte’s Mother, the elegant Katherine was very upset at this.

But, it gets even better”Peg” gets itself involved with a “cookbook” oh please!! “Raising Funds” we all believe that, for a muslim kitchen for a Brand New Kitchen, fine you may say – well NO it is not because this Kitchen this muslim Mosque kitchen has serious connections with the teaching/training of Terrorists that have been active here in GB all on record.  Now not far away is a West Indian Kitchen, why did “Peg” not raise funds with a “cookbook” for them, NO.  The West Indians deserve it they have been here much longer and worked so hard all those that came to this Country and like the Irish dug the roads, worked in the Hospitals/buses/trains etc etc.

She refuses to wear British Designers clothes, not good enough for this one, hope the Boy will always be able to afford the Top Designers  she wants, don’t expect BRITISH TAXPAYERS TO PAY.  As though this one was always used to so much, a user thats for sure. She attends some Fashion Awards yesterday or the day before and surprise surprise who wins the Top Prize, her Designer.  She sits at the Awards or stands and whats she doing “look at me, just me no one else, just me me me, look I’m pregnant” HOLDING ITS STOMACH as though we give a damn. Look at what has been done to this Country.

This “Peg” that no one had ever heard of, now with child, as though the entire World does not know by now as it goes around holding its stomach, its pathetic/sickening.  Both times I was Pregnant with my Sons not once did I hold my stomach, perhaps put my hand to my stomach when the Baby would kick, but hold my stomach top and bottom all the time, HOW RIDICULOUS, how so lalaland.   It has Demanded a new Home living where they are not good enough for her, one used to so much?  So again the BRITISH TAXPAYERS are having to fork out for this.  The young Boy so besotted not sure if with head or something else, has made it clear to all “whatever peg wants peg gets” REALLY, at whose EXPENSE, OURS??

Sad to see two Brothers who in public have to “perform” in reality?  Their Mother well lets say the Wife she would have picked for a Daughter-in-Law she has in the beautiful elegant/wonderful Mother to her adorable three little Children, LADY KATHERINE.

Like its previous marriages the same will happen here, now who said “Gold Digger”?  Did I say TWO YEARS, maybe sooner.








LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THIS.  THIS IS “NOW” AS WELL.  TIME WILL PROVE IT.    (Strange how both women ugly/flat chested/greedy and domineering.)

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