This afternoon, Friday December 14, 18 I had to make a phone call to my Bank and never would I believe that I would be Interrogated and that is the right word for this, interrogated for 35 minutes by a woman representing the Bank.

Having placed an Order with Amazon the previous night/early hours for a Fluffy Wolf toy and a book for a little Baby who lives in Romania he is just over 1 year and he loves Wolves the total came to just over £35.59, not hundreds or thousands but just £35.59 plus postage to Romania.  Not long after my card that I used to pay Amazon was blocked, WHY?  Received an email to say ring the Bank.

So this afternoon with my youngest Son present, because I am deaf on my left side (thanks to my so called sister’s fists on the top of my head back in the 1980s when I walked away from her during a row and she ran after me, as a consequence of her violence I am left with Meniere’s and deafness on the left side) I need to have one of my Sons to verify whats being said, thank God he was here.

We had to wait 15 minutes before I was successful  in speaking to an assistant on the Fraud Department, I had to verify my voice and said I had one of my Sons present who may be better at answering some of the questions, NO she was not going to have that.  She put me through some security questions, fair enough they needed to verify, I answered all her questions but she insisted on more, I asked why – no answer. She proceeded with more questions then asking if I “know how old you will be next birthday”, I was not pleased and told her she was talking to me as though I had no brain, I had to verify my Birthday twice – she got the same answer twice.

That did not stop the interrogation, I asked if they could release the card, wow I wish I had  not this woman then became like the GESTAPO and I am not kidding.

1  HER  “Do you know where you brought the item”  –  ME “yes of course”

2  HER  “where did you buy the item”   –   ME  “Amazon”

3  HER  “what did you buy”   –  ME I was annoyed now and asked “whats that got to do with you, it was £35.59 not thousands”

4  HER  “answer the question what did you buy”   –   ME “a fluffy Wolf toy and book”

5  HER  “who for”   –  Me now I was really annoyed and told her “I am asking you to release the card you have stopped payment to amazon”

6  HER she was still persisting “who is it for, how old are they, how many times have you used Amazon, do you recognise them”  by this time I had, had enough and could not believe what I was hearing.

This went on and on with her pushing to know where was the gift going, what was the name of the child, which I refused to give,  did I understand where I brought it from – this was all unbelievable and I asked her “am I living in Great Britain or in Nazi Germany, I would be better off in Russia, she became angry I was furious my Son was telling me to hand the phone over, she refused to talk to my Son.   On and on she went with her questioning telling me I had to answer, she told me not to raise my voice to her, and I told her I had said I was deaf and when I get agitated I don’t hear my voice being raised.  She told me she had never heard of the card I used to pay “Skrill” which is well known and why did I use it why didn’t I use a credit card.  Five times I had to tell her I don’t have a Credit Card only a Visa Debit card from their damn Bank.  She was suggesting the “Skrill” card was not real, she told me she had never heard of it so it was NOT legal I told her its what I use for Amazon  every time, she asked what time I ordered the gift and why Amazon/where did I see the toy advertised/why do I use the “Skrill” card and not a credit card this was unbelievable, I could not get it through to her I don’t have a credit card I don’t want a credit card, she insisted everyone has them I must too, I was banging my Son’s desk I just could not believe all the cross examination for £35.59. When I demanded she unblock my card and release my money to Amazon so that the gifts could reach the Baby in time for Christmas, her answer was “ITS NOT YOUR MONEY ITS THE BANKS”, I told her “wrong it’s my money dear not the damns Banks so release the money now”, “ITS THE BANKS” she persisted. Not once did this woman go for someone more senior to sort this out, this was her’s and she was “going to have her way”. Eventually my Son spoke to her because with my Heart raised (I have Heart failure)  I couldn’t take much more.

She cross examined my Son, he was too good for her and turned it asking her why last week when he used his debit card for gifts from the Blarney Woollen Mills on the Friday evening the £ he spent they charged him FIVE TIMES, deducted it FIVE TIMES.  He got onto the store, they said they had problems nothing they could do until Monday – all the same if you had not enough to cover the shops MISTAKE and you needed food, who cares these days –  No One.  My Son also rang the Bank yes the one I use, and complained to them and he reminded this woman the BANK DID NOTHING, he had to wait until the Blarney Woollen Mills reinstated his money on Tuesday.

I could see from my Son he too was finding it hard to hold his temper with the continuing cross examination, she even wanted to know how did I order the toys via phone etc, she was told how she then wanted to know where the equipment I used to order was situated.  This was completely out of control never have I heard such a carry on trying to get your card unblocked, blocked for £35.59 – the amount of money taken Friday that was not looked into as Fraud by the Bank, but this small amount was.    She refused to unblock until ALL her questions were answered, God knows where this woman was trained and it was all being record to boot, for “Training purposes” I was told, thats a joke she had already been trained by the Gestapo so to speak.  Few years ago my Sons noticed that several thousand pounds was missing from my account, immediately got onto the Bank for two days they were insisting I had taken it, or my Sons had taken it, until we insisted on speaking to the monkey not the organ grinders.  The Bank not long after admitted they had detected Fraud and they knew where it was done and how it was done, NOT IN THIS COUNTRY, they had quite a few cases of it happening to other accounts too and they immediately reinstated my money, apology don’t make me laugh NO ONE  these days apologises.

Is this how Great Britain is going people being cross examined on what they spend their money on where and why and what computer equipment they use and where is it situated.  Have I gone mad or has this Country gone mad, something is seriously wrong. There are NO FREEDOMS in GB anymore, we are watched/listened to/ reported for the slightest thing, now we are being INTERROGATED for buying a Fluffy Wolf toy and book  for a baby.

Be careful what your Bank does, keep a close look on your account and don’t let the Banks or they vindictive Fraud staff try and convince you they are right and you are wrong.






annacottage/December 14, 2018.


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