PAMELA, this is the only way I could figure out how to put them on for you.  Finally late this afternoon opened Rod’s Box and I was shocked.  Never expected them to be as they are, the very large box contained all the other boxes.  They really are so beautiful, the detail on the boxes is just amazing.  Sorry about what looks like “white spotting” on the boxes we took the pictures by the Christmas Tree in the Living Room and its the flashing lights on the Tree that have reflected onto the boxes.  I love all the boxes just so surprised at how big they are, the Bears box is my favourite.

Without a doubt Rod had such wonderful taste, as you know he spent a year in Russia and amongst all he brought back was these.   He was a remarkable man far more clever than many thought and very gentle and too kind, well we both know that.

Daisy insisted on getting in on the filming, she poses for the camera, as you can see.  Have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all you wish yourself for the New Year, lets hope Pamela it will bring more Peace to the World, (but somehow here in Great Britain I doubt it), keep well Dear Friend and thank you for all the encouragement you give me regarding “writing”.   MERRY  CHRISTMAS.



    1. They most certainly are, I love things like this from Russia, I have a little book from Russia that Rod had bought. Wishing you and your Family a Happy time together and lets hope Opher 2019 will see Our Country at Peace and all we wish for.


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