There she sits so high

way up there

nearly touching the sky

the Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree


Lights glisten all around her

Bells and Birds and twinkly balls

shimmer and sway

as the branches move


She calls out to them

“hello down there how are you”

the Gold and Silver Birds

look up and say

“we’re alright except we are sad

Christmas is now over for us”


The Fairy nods in agreement

“but just think of the pleasure we gave”

the Christmas Tree shook and the lights shone bright

as though to say

“indeed you are right”


The Bells on the Tree began to ring

the Fairy clapped her little hands

the Birds started singing

and all on the Tree began to smile


“Soon she will come and take us all down”

the Fairy called out

“but just think December 1st will soon come round”

tweet tweet the Birds went “yes and we shall bring back the joy of Christmastide”

the Bells on the tree rang out and all wiped their tears

looking forward to the next December and Christmas






Enjoy this really pretty little song.



annacottage – January 2, 2019.


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