If there could possibly be such a thing and I don’t know how that could come about when one considers the Millions of horrific Deaths that Hitler all his Henchmen, the entire Nazi Party, not forgetting every German in those days was responsible for.

No “Good Nazis” only obscene Murderous Nazis. It is not at all possible when you hear Germans still alive from those days claim “I knew nothing that went on”, Liars. They all knew even some of the Concentration Camps were near Towns and Villages, they saw the smoke they smelt the air – the Burning of the Jewish People. Men, Women, Children and Babies who were barbarically treated, women and girls who were raped, gang raped, masochism played a part. Children ripped from their Mother’s arms, Babies crying for their Mothers starving to Death or taken with their Mothers pushed into ditches watching as their Mothers were shot dead,  these innocent little children crawling to the bodies of their Mothers and then those very same innocent Babies shot in their heads.

All these Proud innocent Men, Women, Children and Babies, their Crime – no Crime except in the eyes of these evil beyond words Nazis and that was these Proud People were Jewish.  To those that deny the Holocaust ever happened I can only say those people are very sick in the head and obviously approved of all that Hitler and the Nazis did.

We should all Remember The Holocaust, why did it happen we know why. Can it happen again, Men Died to make sure that the Nazis were finished for once and for all they fought the Second World War for the Freedom we have enjoyed. But, can it happen again, simply Yes it can and the feelings one has these days, the anger, the suppression of the people all over Europe the way that one woman made it possible to have the EU flooded with Invaders to make herself look good,was it? Or was there a more devious reason for what she, Mrs Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany wanted. The Germans are a very Proud stoic people the memories of two World Wars lost by them still lingers, that is obvious. The German Frau is vicious and vindictive and her feelings for Great Britain have always been obvious.

I started this by saying “The Good Nazi”, there was one man to give an example who believed himself to be exactly that, The Good Nazi”.  His name was Albert Speer, Architect and Armaments Minister in Hitler’s Nazi Party also a very close Confidential Friend to Adolf Hitler.  Speer had been imprisoned for 20 years ( far too short for all that he was) in Spandau Prison in West Berlin, Speer was released from Spandau Prison along with Bald von Schirach former Leader of Hitler Youth and Gauleiter of Vienna.  Both men left the Prison in a separate Taxi, Baldur von Schirach had his Family waiting for him and went to live out his days with his Son.  But, for the ever seeking attention Albert Speer he was collected by his Wife,  which he later was to cheat on with his German/English Mistress in London.  Speer went straight to The Hotel Gerhus where in German/English and French he spoke to the gathered Press in his charming, Gentleman way, fooling perhaps too many.

Speer was a performer, he undoubtedly made more money after his release from Spandau Prison than he did as Armaments Minister.  He wrote his books, with help no doubt, he gave Interviews all around the World, even at the BBC.  Personally I don’t remember seeing any of those Interviews on BBC certainly would have made a point of not looking at them.  He played the game all his life, he never knew all that was going on, LIAR he knew everything I suspect, how could you not know being so close to Hitler about the Concentration Camps.  He later would speak of not guilt but upsetting feelings he had about one Concentration Camp.  How magnanimous of him.  How nice he should have any thoughts for the 6 Million Jews that Hitler’s Nazis Tortured/Murdered/Burnt to Death/Gassed.

Later it was proved that Speer knew all about the Jews of Germany especially Berlin that were taken and Murdered, he designed so much for Hitler he had Jewish property torn down so he could build his dreams.  As we talk about property of the Jews, lets not forget that Speer made so much money from the Art he had acquired dubiously during the War, Art stolen from Jews, acquired falsely from Jews.  Speer would arrange to have this Art collection sold, never using his name that was always hidden, he would not take a cheque or note he would insist on Cash only.  The property of Jewish people Murdered by those he supported those he was Friends with. Still he regarded himself as The Good Nazi.  Albert Speer died in London on September 1, 1981, he was to appear on BBC Newsnight programme.  He died from a blood clot to his brain, far too quick far too easy a Death for a man that participated in his knowledge and financially from the Deaths of 6 millions Jews.  He was with his Mistress at the time of his Death.  His body was later returned to Heidelberg.  The money he had made it was claimed went to his Mistress.

Since Speer’s Death the Truth about this man has come out. He was No Good Nazi, there is NO such thing as a Good Nazi there never ever could be.

As we Remember all those poor Proud Jewish People and their Children that were taken, beaten, tortured, experimented on, hung, burnt to death, gassed, buried alive. Watching as their Children were ripped from their arms to be murdered.  Remember always, the Jewish People were and still are Proud People.  They have suffered enough, this cannot happen again, or can it but in a different way.

Our World at present is in turmoil, trouble discontent everywhere, look at all of Europe, even here at home in Great Britain the Country is divided. Democracy has been stolen from the majority of the people, Freedom of Speech, many Freedoms seem to be disappearing.  New ridiculous Laws have been invented, soon it will be  a crime here in Great Britain to smile at someone or even to extend one’s hand to shake another, stupid isn’t it.  But, everyday it gets more and more ridiculous.

France well I think we all know whats going to happen there, that little poodle puppet of the East Berliner Frau hides from his people as he tells his state controlled police to do what he feels is necessary on his OWN people.  Turn on your people well you have to be a fool to do that.   Germany under the Frau has signed a new pact with France, its dangerous its frightening its just so worrying, exaggeration No, I fear not.

Can what happened in Germany in the 1930s, when the World turned a blind eye until Hitler’s Nazis started Invading, happen again?  Yes it can.  I do not trust the German Frau I certainly don’t trust the little man that does all she tells him.  Am I worried about Great Britain, most certainly.

Have we not seen enough horrendous Deaths have we not learnt about the Millions and Millions of people, what the Nazis did to the Russian people did they not suffer enough and the 6 Million Jews. Then there was the Einsatzgruppen the Nazi Death Squads under the command of Himmler, four groups each having between 500/1,000 men who committed the most disturbing deaths in the Ukraine.   1,600 Jews were Murdered on April 6, 1942, the second Day of the Passover, in total those Jews that were murdered was more than a million.   When Russia was invaded June 22, 1941 the deaths were to increase.  The Einsatzgruppen intent was to eliminate All the Jews.  There are those that crave power those that have to “Lead” those that want their revenge for their Country’s losses.  Is it different today, I don’t think so that craving some have for Leadership is sickening its disturbing, its totally dangerous.

The vile, sycophantic Nazis still have their followers to this day in Germany in Austria in so many Countries.  We must protect Our Countries we must not allow the influence from other Leaders to destroy all we have known and love.  We have those that seek power in this Country who are Anti-Semitic, banning all Jewish reporters from attending Press conferences, is that acceptable – NO but there those that find it so, dangerous.  This is how its starts.


Holocaust Memorial Day – Please always Remember all those Proud Jewish People and those innocent little Children.












So hard to watch, to look at those beautiful faces of innocent Children, born with Love and Hope for the future to be murdered at the hands of the most evil creatures to have ever lived on this earth, the Nazis.   I think of the Love the Joy my Sons have given me since birth.   NEVER EVER MUST THIS BE REPEATED.


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