GENTLE SOUL – Remembering Rod McKuen – April 29, 1933 – January 29, 2015.

Gentle soul

whose words of wisdom and kindness

reached out to a World

that so needed to be gentler

now missed so much



Talented far more

than credited for

Remembering you for all you were


Now at Peace

but busy writing

beyond the Blue Sky

in your Heaven


Smiling as ever above the sky

as the Sea shimmers

and the Earth

struggles to survive

amid all the turmoil


Over the hills

the Ocean beckons

golden shimmers on the water

calm sea awaits to be sailed

for thoughts for dreams


The gentle breeze

works its way through  woodland

that you planted and enjoyed

the sun shines its warmth above the trees

as Birds sing looking to earth below


Look above

a deep blue sky ready to be flown

where you found God

rest and peace


Beyond the clouds

the stars and moon

where jealous words no longer hurt

where memories of pain

both body and mind

are now erased


Below the Sea that calls for you

the Earth so far away

but so much better for having known you

the Sky full of glory

as you smile and play with your Dogs





Rod McKuen  –  The World I Use To Know


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