When did I first suspect

that you held a secret from me

my gut always told me

I was right


My mind would

so often ponder

over what my heart

told me was true


But there in Berlin

I knew I had been right

when my own flesh told me

“you knew didn’t you”


From the mouths of innocents

comes forth the Truth

was I shocked

yes – no


All made sense

at last

hurt, deceived

mainly cheated

years lost


Then I recall

others and their warnings

I would laugh nervously

not knowing to what they referred


All these years later

I know they were warning me off

If I’d known

would I have heeded their words

would I





One thought on “IT TOOK BERLIN

  1. Hey there, dear heart! I got ready to call you this morning and couldn’t find my book with phone numbers in it! Wanted to talk to you and see how you’re doing. Could you please shoot me an email with your number… It’s been ever so long since we talked and you’re really on my mind!!! Love & Hugs, Hon. Cheryl


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