There is a problem that exists in my Country and probably yours if you are honest enough to admit to it.  Truth, its now a fact that far left/liberals cannot accept Truth.  They will call anyone who tells the Truth a Liar/Nazi/Racist/Fascist, these words are now in vogue. Far Left/Liberals cannot have an honest discussion they turn everything into a nasty vile attack upon one.

If the far left/liberals don’t agree with you, they bombard you with all the abuse they can, they stalk you, until the day when they realize how stupid they are, how they make themselves look such ignorant bullying thugs.

When did we people start to call those that we don’t agree with Liars, suddenly its crept upon us. Whatever happened to “well shall we agree to disagree”now its constant abuse even threats.  When did Truth become such a dirty word.

Truth is what I have always lived by, I cannot same the same for others. As the saying goes “you have to have a good memory to be a Liar”, I don’t have a good memory hence I have always told the Truth even if at times that Truth has been hurtful.  I have been told so many lies by others, even close to me, that they can’t remember what lies they have told.

How very sad the World has become, in particular the Western World. Our once happy Countries divided within and why. As for the Country of my Birth I can only say there are those bitter twisted people who have refused to accept a Democratic Vote Result, its what this Country has always stood for, Democracy but the people who legally voted and Won that vote BREXIT have been denied that Win for three years now and why because those that opposed the decision, they refused to accept THE TRUTH.

So my Country is divided and not just that but the flooding of illegal immigrants, genuine Refugees is one thing we have always opened up this Country to genuine Refugees but illegals no the amounts should have been stopped, the Borders closed a long time ago, the far left refuse to see the TRUTH, call those like myself who oppose more and more illegals into UK every scum name they can think of and why, because the refuse to see what’s happening to UK to see the TRUTH.

Our once happy Countries are now rife with hatred and venom, I wonder sometimes is this all a dream that I, at my age, am witnessing. Then I realize with tears, yes this is all Real. The Truth is UK has or is being SOLD OUT those who are Loyal to the UK not EU, those who Love and treasure all that the UK has given us, want our Country back and that is a TRUTH that those on the far left will not accept.

The far left as you may have seen go on the streets the rabble rousers along with ANTIFA John “Brutus” McDonnell the Real power behind the Anti-Semite Corbyn leader of Labour has used ANTIFA against BREXITEERS. The corrupt far left lying media, yes media are liars we all know that, do not cover that but people these days have cameras on phones and film such scenes, attacking people, throwing Pensioners to the ground, throwing ACID at BREXITEERS. Whist Corbyn/McDonnell/Corbyn’s former lover Abbott and Khan so called disgraced Mayor of London rise the far left screeching thugs to attack. Why you may ask they can’t take the TRUTH of what’s happening to this Country that they are helping to DESTROY.

Every word once uttered is challenged, people ready to pounce on one, correcting someone is one thing but ridiculing calling people Liars was not and never will be acceptable in my book. Violence on the streets of London is at an all time high, Families destroyed as their Children are knifed to death. Khan who has demeaned the office of Mayor of London sits on his backside and does nothing oh yes he spends public money or should I say wastes public money on balloons etc but does he visit the grieving Families, NO can’t expect that of him now can we?? I have been repeatedly called a Liar by an individual, why because he is far left and that meant Khan is far left so I must be a Liar when I mentioned the Murders on the streets of London.

My two Sons spent the weekend in a certain part of London as they were going to see New York v Boston Baseball Game Sunday.  Saturday night, one of my Sons from his Bedroom Balcony saw a group below smoking or whatever they call it “hippy crack”, some time after my Sons from their Bedrooms heard Police sirens going, a Tesco store just five minutes away from their Hotel a young man was stabbed to Death, coincidence was it this group doing crack then a Murder?  Did the Police visit the Hotel to see if any Guests had seen anything, NO of course they didn’t.  This is London but I daresay I will be accused of lying about this too.

The TRUTH is what I have lived my entire life by and the TRUTH is what I shall believe in until I draw my last breath. Sadly there are too many within UK who cannot say the same.

TRUTH will it survive in this hatred venom filled divided Country of mine, there is only one solution to sort all this out and people should wake up ASAP because its not far off, one can smell it coming. THAT’S THE TRUTH.




Jerusalem, unofficial Anthem (should be official) of England, Country of my Birth.



annacottage/July 3, 2019.





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