Last night at 8 pm The Queen gave a special speech to the us, the people of Great Britain, as we are all coping as best we can during this frightening  Coronavirus, so many have Died their grieving Families trying to come to terms with what has happened.  I sat glued to my chair listening to every word every single word that the Queen spoke with such sincerity. The Queen’s words were heartfelt, she recalled being a young Girl during the last War when her Father was King. The good old British Spirit still amongst so many of us.

As I watched and listened I knew how lucky I was to have been Born into this Country, even with all our problems for me this is Finest Country in the World. There was the Queen at her great age her Pride, Loyalty & Love for this Country shining through. I was only small when the Queen ascended to the Throne but I remember a TV appeared in our Sitting Room just in time for the Coronation, I have never known any other Monarch of this Country and here was the Queen like a Mother bringing comfort.

The Queen’s speech was so moving, then the Queen finally said “We’ll meet again”, lump in my throat and the tears ran down my cheeks. “We’ll meet again” was a very famous song sung by a beautiful young woman to the men serving this Country during the last War, its always been known as Vera Lynn’s song, now Dame Vera Lynn who is still alive God Bless her. Dame Vera meant such a tremendous amount to those Men so far away from home, she also sang another well known favourite for the Men and the people at home “There’ll always be an England”.

For the Queen to end with those words “We’ll meet again” it will always be remembered, it was an incredible moving touching moment hearing those words. Great Britain would not be the same without the Queen without The Monarchy. The Queen gave comfort just like a Mother comforting her Family.



Her Majesty The Queen Sunday April 5, 2020.



The remarkable much loved Dame Vera Lynn




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