When will Politicians of all Parties finally tell the TRUTH of whats going on in this Country, I refer specifically to the Gang Raping of Our White/Sikh Girls, sorry if it offends anyone but the TRUTH is long overdue of why these Gang Rapes by m****m Paedophiles are allowed to continue, all over this Country.

There have been arrests made by the Police, there have been Prosecutions and some sort of Imprisonment, at our expense what else, but they are just  drop in the ocean

There are people in high positions of power, people in positions of power in local authorities, Police, Judicial systems who know who and where these Gang Raping Paedophiles are, yet now and again we see a token arrested maybe prosecuted, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The cover ups have been a stench on this Country for far too long. How many Girls White/Sikh have been kidnapped/Raped/Gang Raped/Sexually Assaulted/Beaten Tortured and God knows what else, HOW MANY I ASK??.  These Innocent Girls are the Victims of these filthy Grooming Gang Raping m****m Paedophiles. People do NOT understand why the Report that thousands signed is not being released IN FULL, claiming that blanked out parts contain nothing of interest to the public I doubt very much is the Truth.

The TRUTH is NO ONE NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in position of power who knows the Truth is prepared to release the TRUTH. The Truth is what so many good people have been fighting for so such a long time now, the Truth is what the VICTIMS those Innocent White/Sikh Girls have been begging for what they have been put through.

Ask yourself if it were your Daughter would you not want the TRUTH? Surely those in positions of power, far too many I suspect involved and now covering each others backs, would they stand by if their Daughter had been Gang Raped by  m****m Paedophile and his mates 300 times. Would they stand by as their Daughter was forced to give a Rapist a b**w j*b, her head forced down, PETROL poured over her head and a match threatened until she did what the Gang Rapists wanted. WOULD THOSE MOTHERS/FATHERS NOT DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THEIR DAUGHTER??

I have been told in the past “those girls are homeless/drug addicts/not wanted” you can imagine the rest – does that Justify these Girls being GANG RAPED being forced to commit the most depraved acts by m****m Gang Raping Paedophiles, who walk free to carry on. People turn their back, don’t want to get involved don’t want to know so they make excuses for why these Girls are being Gang Raped, I guess it eases their conscience. Not all these Girls come from bad homes/poor homes left to roam the streets, many come from good homes, homes where they were loved & cared for.

Well I want answers I want to know WHY is this Democratic Country this Country I love, Great Britain, why is she being used by people who are too SCARED to take action against a certain sector who are carrying out these perverted depraved acts of GANG RAPING upon this Country’s White/Sikh Girls.  Every Girl regardless of age, every woman has the right to walk free without the fear of being taken, forced to be not just Raped but Gang Raped, forced to commit acts so depraved.

Yes I know these Grooming Gangs give goodies like bottles of coke/burgers/drugs etc to entice the Girls, I reported such an incident myself what happened those running the joint disappeared from the place not seen again, they been here many years I understand suddenly GONE, now I wonder who tipped them off?? Some Girls I daresay can be silly and not fully realize, why should they, whats going to happen to them but it does. The GANG RAPING of Our White/Sikh Girls is a fact and no matter what Political Party tries to cover up the TRUTH the TRUTH one day will emerge, all those protecting each other won’t last forever.

I Voted for the Conservatives/Boris Johnson and I will do the same again but I am certainly very annoyed that they have not done the decent thing and Released the Report IN FULL. No blanking out should be there, so what if there are names that appear, those who worked so hard to prepare the Petition those who signed the Petition only wanted the TRUTH the full TRUTH, what we got in return was yet again another COVER UP.

Whilst the COVER UP continues even more Innocent White/Sikh Girls will suffer the most horrendous degrading depraved treatment at the hands of those m****m Gang Raping Paedophiles.  What Justice can these poor Girls expect, very little indeed who cares certainly not those that should. A token of those m****m Gang Raping Paedophiles now and again will be arrested charged/prosecuted sent down maybe 10/15 years NOT ENOUGH, Hanging too good for those filthy Gang Rapists.

Until all People start to care about whats happening to the Girls of this Country the TRUTH will be withheld. If you have Daughters, look at your Daughter, someone else Daughter just like yours is being Gang Raped forced to commit such depravity. You Love your Daughter care for her – who cares for all those White/Sikh Girls out there, Innocents  who need our help Innocents crying out for all this to STOP and STOP it must.

Please don’t turn away, keep fighting for Justice for these Girls.  Those who worked so hard for the Petition, those who signed that Petition in all good faith have yet again been badly let down. We asked for the TRUTH, WE DEMAND THE TRUTH, time it was told.


  1. Rape and paedophile rings are terrible things. I thought these gangs had been dealt with and the perpetrators locked up. I haven’t heard of any more atrocities. Where are you getting your information from Anna?


    1. Are you being serious, do you honestly believe it has all stopped it has not, its still covered up. The cases you may have heard of are nothing but as I said a drop in the ocean. Labour have hidden Reports you know that Brown etc, Starmer as former head of CPS has let many of them off, he decided “not enough evidence to convict Savile” the Country’s most prolific Paedophile, not enough evidence? There is no Justice for the Victims not all “troubled homeless girls, girls no one wants” right Opher?

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  2. You should read “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray.

    From his book:

    “Samuel Huntington, wrote in his last book, ‘Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation. It is basically an anti-Western ideology’.8”
    ― Douglas Murray

    “The upsides of migration have become easy to talk about: to simply nod to them is to express values of openness, tolerance and broad-mindedness. Yet to nod to, let alone express, the downsides of immigration is to invite accusations of closed-mindedness and intolerance, xenophobia and barely disguised racism. All of which leaves the attitude of the majority of the public almost impossible to express.”
    ― Douglas Murray

    “In a country like Britain it has taken decades for opposition to female genital mutilation to be mainstream. Despite being illegal for three decades, and despite more than 130,000 women in Britain having suffered this barbaric treatment, there have still been no successful prosecutions for the crime. If Western Europe finds it so difficult even to confront something as straightforward as FGM, it seems unlikely it will ever be able to defend some of its subtler values in the years ahead.”
    ― Douglas Murray


  3. Thank you for dropping by Anna Cottage. I too am pretty upset about it all, everywhere! Top people in government and the churches are involved in these sorts of flights. The bad energy from it all, is killing us. Well wishes to you Anna.😞


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