Welcome to my Blog.  May bring laughter, may bring tears, may bring back memories.  But most of all it’s all about honesty.

I love to post about animals especially my Dog Daisy, UK & US Politics, Stories of being Widowed at a young age and raising my two young sons.  Memories of childhood, some good but mostly bad.  I can be controversial, so please be warned.  I love to write Poetry and stories some long some short, some can be sexy so be warned again.


My main interests are the works of Rod MckuenJames Kavanaugh and Walt Whitman.  I love to read, I like to Cook and love my Garden, which feels neglected of late due to health problems.  If you do pop into my blog I hope you will find something you may like.  Take care.



27 thoughts on “About

  1. Sorry, I should have answered this soon, only just seen it. Yes, I love the colours too – David surprised me one afternoon and said he would make the site look better for me. So he did what he had to do (don’t ask me I do not understand any of it) and together we chose these colours, they are so cool aren’t they. I am so pleased you like them too, yes Raspberries they are like them. I would go picking Blackberries with my Nana in West Cork, would come back feeling slightly ill having had too many, but lovely memory of my Nana.

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  2. You are more than kind and I must say I find it quite worrying, I am not used to anything like this, I will try my best and thank you sincerely for nominating me. Keep well, all the very best to you.


  3. My confession: I never read your about page until NOW! So every time I was reading and liking your post I thought you were a man (don’t laugh) until I read your post today about your sister I realized that you are woman! Please forgive me….xoxo

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  4. Hi Anna,
    I feel so remiss, why haven’t I been here before? On reflection I think it was down to your good self keeping me busy in replying to your comments, not complaining, definitely not. In fact I think I have been missing out after perusing just al little, shall be here more often for sure. You have wonderful blog, and in appreciation of it, and the all your likes, and comments we’ve exchange on mine, keep an eye open for a pingback. Take care,


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