WILLIAM BLAKE    –    Born  November 28, 1757  in Soho, London. Died  August 12, 1827 in Westminster, London.   When William Blake was four years old he screamed because he saw God put his forehead against the window.  At eight, when he was walking in the fields, he beheld “a tree filled with angels,…Read more »


Yesterday morning having a coffee I was just aimlessly looking at the tv, for me its just noise if its not the TV its my music on, I just have to have sound around me.  What was on the TV the usual rubbish I thought, until I glanced up and saw one of my favourite…Read more »

Bedroom Eyes

Originally posted on Sheldon Kleeman:
How many pull the covers over their heads in fear   how many wish they could stay that way   I can’t say that this is a self-portrait but I can relate to the darkness deep inside   we the army of the few fight daily with our Fearless pho…