She was just an ordinary housewife and Mother to a toddler, going about her usual household chores and looking after their first born Son. Her Husband worked in the City and would leave early in the morning and return generally around 6 pm.  She loved being a Mother and delighted in her little Son who…Read more »

Happy 90th Birthday Audrey Hepburn

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Today is the 90th birthday of Audrey Hepburn.  Have you seen Charade, How to Steal a Million and Funny Face lately? Then watch Wait Until Dark and your mind will be blown. The woman is more than an actor, she makes you care for her well being. You forget that she is playing a character and…

Happy 86th Birthday Rod McKuen

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Today is the 86th birthday of the poet Rod McKuen. Anna Cottage requested we celebrate his life and I am more than happy to oblige. He was prolific. His words are part of the American cultural collective. The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels…


People say I’m Lonely but I never feel alone I wander the wide spaces that lay ahead   From Town to Town from open land to Mountains to the Ocean and all it offers I wander and find the company when I have the need   Am I lonely I say No its how its…Read more »