Emily, sleeping so quietly so at peace then you started shaking with cold turning to feeling so hot   I held you in my arms scared as I listened listened with tears you struggling to breathe   I phoned Paramedics soon they came I held my Emily until they took you   Emily, Emily I…Read more »


I’ve tried so hard to forget you but I can’t believe you are gone you walked out took my heart   I have phoned others dined with them looked into their eyes all I see are yours   I don’t want anyone else just you, come back I look at you as we lay together…Read more »


I spent this afternoon hoovering the House and washing floors, thought it was about time I played some of my music as I haven’t for sometime now. So on went Karen Carpenter, to hear that most pure voice of Karen Carpenter her tones of Nat King Cole/Perry Como enabled me to do the work and…Read more »


Last night at 8 pm The Queen gave a special speech to the us, the people of Great Britain, as we are all coping as best we can during this frightening  Coronavirus, so many have Died their grieving Families trying to come to terms with what has happened.  I sat glued to my chair listening…Read more »