Fly high to reach the Sky way  above the clouds so we can hide What do we see lets keep it quiet our secrets yours and mine Lets stay here don’t let’s go back this is ours look and see the blue Sea beneath But here lets stay just you and me high up up…Read more »


I have just watched a Special Report from Downing Street on Sky News.  Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced that the situation in our Country has now been raised to the highest “Critical” level and that a Terrorist Attack is now imminent, and that we must be very vigilant. After last night’s horrific and…Read more »


I live by the Sea and nothing pleases me more than to Sail on glistening waters to feel the cool cool waters albeit the North Sea   The Sun blazes down and I feel hot as I wipe my brow I look at you and I know oh how I know how much I love…Read more »

Bird Chat

Originally posted on aroused:
Enjoyed a nice long cycle this morning and these a few of the critters I clicked along the way …. let me know if you want to see more? These gulls with prime real estate think that they rule the world White right and arrogant no matter This one is Elle…