It’s taken less time than some thought but those of us who took one look at “it” knew what was likely to happen and it has.  History repeating itself.  Two Brothers split apart for life and why, simply a Woman from “across the pond”.  The Country at that time in turmoil –  rather like now.…Read more »


Here we sit by the fire tell me you Love me and I will tell you how True my Love is for you   The snow outside cold outside but here by the fire snuggled with you the World has gone away   Tell me you Love me and I will tell you I’ll Love…Read more »


I like life simple, I especially like the Truth.  I have never been someone who wanted this or that, I have never been someone who makes demands as others do, all I ever wanted in Life was to be Loved I have my Sons Love and thats so precious.  In fact I have been a…Read more »


All alone he stood as one by one the others were taken away   All alone and wondering why was he left as the others said “goodbye”   The Lonely Little Christmas Tree there he stood on his own wondering still “why me alone” then he heard the men shout   “No not that one…Read more »


How far I have travelled long roads leading to where not a home but perhaps love   Someones smile waiting to greet me someones arms waiting to love me   I travel along the long road ahead where will I end up   The past behind me the future who can tell one day I…Read more »