Love is painful like a thorn a thorn from your favourite Rose despite the beauty of the Rose   The thorn will prick you and draw blood like Love and the heart how one feels pain   The beauty of the Rose the tenderness of the heart both feel such pain the thorn digs deep…Read more »


  Please when thinking about buying a Dog for yourself or your Family, please do consider rescuing a Dog.  There are so many homes around the World where Dogs are crying out to be rescued, so wherever you live please don’t pay money for a Dog, Rescue a Dog and give the Dog Charity a…Read more »


I write not because I have to I write because I love to write thoughts, words run around inside my head   I must find paper take a pen and write most times words just flow but there are times when I hesitate for words to come   I have bits of paper everywhere where…Read more »


Silently we tread incase we wake the truth lies are told easier for some than truth   Honesty is long gone they hide behind their cleverness or so they believe what is wrong with them do they not like honesty   The World is no longer safe the World we are told is full of…Read more »


Lucky to live in a Free Country where we have Democracy where we can express our views and others have the right to disagree   When strangers enter our World and they disagree with our freedoms they want to force their beliefs on us when their way of winning is to plant bombs and murder…Read more »


So here we have it, all those so called famous people ie George Clooney and wife, ex footballer and mr tv Gary Lineker, and the other “Corbynisters” who tell us we should take in refugees and help them, yes of course we should.  Like hell. Today the “bomber” who planted explosives on a District line…Read more »

Happy 126th Birthday Agatha Christie

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 126th birthday of Agatha Christie.  At one time, I had this grand idea that I was going to read every one of her books in order of publication.  That is a lot of reading.  I didn’t get very far, but it was not her fault, I fall in and out…