Happy 118th Birthday Ernest Hemingway

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Today is the 118th birthday of the writer Ernest Hemingway.  Nobel Prize winner, war correspondent, sustained a shrapnel injury, was in two plane crashes (2 days apart),  four wives, three children, notorious drinker, the subject of multiple postage stamps around the world and wrote 19 books and 3 plays. That’s a…

Dormant Within

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What talents lie dormant within? To hide or not use them is a sin sharing them brings joy to many Talent is a blessing never a burden using them brings much benefit or we are all bereft of your gift Find your talent as it often compliments your purpose it can…


Briefly, I am sorry to have just learned of the Death of the Actor John Heard, an Actor I have liked for a long time and admired.  I always felt John Heard deserved more credit for his work. Ofcourse so many will remember him for “The Home Alone” Films, I know my youngest Son even…Read more »


Gentle rain falling like tears drop drop from leaves earth opens its mouth   Sweet rain freshen the flowers each drop of rain on petals falls   From Sky above to ground below this is how nature grows                       Claude Debussy


Death comes to us all, how it comes is another thing.  I am not afraid of Death I am worried as to how I may die.  Having had Double Pneumonia as a Baby and being prone to Bronchitis I worry that my end may be the dreaded Pneumonia and struggling for breath at the end…Read more »

Goodbye Cruel World

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Yesterday we learned that Chester Bennington, Linkin Park frontman committed suicide.  There are no pleasant euphemisms.  Simply put he hung himself.  We need to use the word to stop the stigma.  SUICIDE.  He committed suicide. I have been reading alot and some say this is the juxtaposition…