What could be but never happened and suddenly we see just how many years have rolled on   But what was not can be, indeed it can for those Dreams that never go away one day may be Real   So keep those Dreams deep within you and see what could happen believe keep believing…Read more »


I know that a British tv programme that  is so popular here is shown around the World so I hope you will understand what I’m about to say   Today is my Birthday no need to mention numbers early hours of this morning I had a lovely greeting from my youngest Son   Coming into…Read more »


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It come from behind and covered “if you can sell it , then you should If you can pimp her out, then you should” It said. Knife to throat, I made the deal. “I never thought I would break bread with you. I never thought I’d be here in…


I haven’t been able to go to the Hairdressers for must be several months due to a leg problem   So my hair is growing slowly it seems but what is growing faster is the White I see appear   I admit I usually have a colour added every six weeks and although some still…Read more »

Reflecting on Mother

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With Mothers Day here let’s reflect: Mothers are most precious for they gave us life itself fed, clothed and protected us Some mothers have moved on now but live in our heart and our memories Their love and labour fondly recalled as we reflect on their impact on our life Yet…


Tenderly she walks towards him he does not see or hear her his back is to her for once it is her arms that encapsulate him her hands her fingers that run over his skin he clasps his arms around her back pulling her closer to him lifting her left leg over his left leg…Read more »


Sam Fuller was a young Policeman “not long on the job” as they would say, but from a little boy thats all he wanted to be a good Policeman, his Mother’s Grandfather had been one all those years ago, he did not know much about him, his Mother did not remember a lot either. This…Read more »