Buy a RED POPPY and Remember all those that Sacrificed so much for US ALL in all the Wars.  Today I was disgusted to learn that Author Simon Jenkins said its time we all forgot about Remembering all those that died.  He is a complete idiot, his words are worthless like all those that show…Read more »


Remember this month the month of November its cold and grey like November always is   November Our Country R E M E M B E R S or at least it should time to reflect on all those that never came home   Battles on Land Battles on Sea Battles in Air Lives sacrificed…Read more »


She walks alone along the lonely street she turns “is it him” she asks the mist is falling its hard to see   She stands and stares the man passes glances her way its was not him   She walks on the tears drop slowly, she’s lonely “maybe tomorrow” she says she hears footsteps but…Read more »