How quickly Spring ended the blossoms and their perfumes stay in our memories even though the blossoms dropped   Here we are rushing into June where have those months gone first looking forward to Spring and now June Summer starts we tell ourselves     The Roses budding and soon will bloom the Reds and…Read more »


The White Rose so pure so gentle velvet to the touch yet dangerous too   The White Rose so perfect to the eye the sweet scent remains with one yet painful too   Like a handsome man good to look at even make love to but always dangereous   The White Rose with its velvet…Read more »


Here she was counting down the days, waiting to see as she did each month, waiting for that dream she so long has thought about.  She wasn’t sure how she would tell him or how he would react, she told herself he would be happy, but deep in her heart she really felt different. She…Read more »


Where is Tommy, Tommy Robinson, arrested by the thuggish police, the once respected British Police, they have lost that.  Tommy was arrested  Friday May 24, 2018.  To date there has been no information released regarding Tommy’s welfare. His Wife, or Family were told they could visit him, but at the last moment that permission was…Read more »


Speak not my love for if you whisper words of love I shall return to your arms wrapped up against your body   Your lips that rest upon my breast hands so soft run up and down my body next to yours your hands slip gently between my legs   Let me go I’ll gather…Read more »