I see you in my dreams the way you were that night holding you tight not wanting to let go   Yet your eyes said something else the truth was within them I didn’t want to see this was the last time   When I see you in my dreams your body touching mine the…Read more »


The years go by and we should change but some remain the same always self-centred   Accepting others for what they are is that not how it should be but it seems for some no one counts only themselves    


This is the truth, this shows all those that voted Remain and LOST  are so full of themselves, so patronising, extremely insulting to those that voted for BREXIT, obscenely disgusting towards all those who shall I say are getting on in years. Perhaps they believe we should be put down, well if that is what…Read more »


This coming weekend UKIP will hold their Annual Conference to be held at Birmingham.  One the major issues to be discussed will be whether or not to allow Tommy Robinson to join UKIP. The Leader of the Party Gerard Batten  is a supporter  of Tommy Robinson, along with Lord Pearson, Donald Trump Jrn and every…Read more »


As a result of Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Children being attacked by a complete vicious nutter who is Left Wing and a dangerous man to be on the streets, more and more people young,  middle aged and even old are joining this Group.  So in fact all that the vile  man called Ian Bone from a…Read more »